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In BVTV, we serve the BVHS community by providing relevant information through a biweekly student-produced school news broadcast and live stream productions.

Get to know our Program.

The CTE Multimedia program at Bonita Vista High School provides a thorough curriculum that comprises three levels of project-based learning classes. The first level, known as "Introduction to Multimedia," teaches students the fundamental concepts of content creation, social media content production, video production, podcasting, graphic design, and everything from a real-world business perspective.


In the next level, "TV & Film Production," students dive deeper into cinematic techniques, storytelling, and modern news broadcast production training through a live event production workflow. This level also provides students with a Livestreaming production Internship with the best equipment and full access to school events, along with community service hours required for graduation. 


The program also offers a third level, the SUHSD district Virtual Production Honors Class, which is exclusively designed for Bonita Vista High School students and provides cutting-edge skills with modern film production technology.


Moreover, students can look forward to the upcoming IB Film class, which focuses on film theory and production and offers an internationally recognized curriculum. After completing the pathway, students receive two articulated college classes, an Honors 5 credit class, and special recognition during graduation. With these diverse offerings, students receive a comprehensive multimedia education that prepares them for success in the digital media industry.

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